Having a midwife and a birth plan makes us feel more secure

The Wilde's, Patient

Danyelle Wilde and her husband, Oliver, are expecting their first baby. Here’s what they have to say about the care they are receiving at Bronson Women’s Service:

“My experience so far at Bronson Women’s Service has been really great.

Every provider I’ve seen has been awesome.  They explain everything really well and make me feel very comfortable. I’ve seen Jenna Chambless, CNM, the majority of the time, and she is the best!

Overall, the staff has been really friendly. Anytime I come in to check-in and check-out, they are always asking how I am doing and how they can help.

We are open-minded for anything that might happen during delivery, but having a midwife and a birth plan makes us feel more secure. It’s good to know what we’re getting into and what our options are.

I’d definitely recommend Bronson Women’s Service to a friend or family member. The staff is very helpful and the office is so accessible.” –Danyelle Wilde

“I travel a lot for work, so I had to miss some really key moments in her pregnancy. But, Bronson Women’s Service has been so nice that she’s stayed calm and at peace and knows what to do. It’s nice to know she’s okay when I’m not here. She even teaches me things she’s learned when I get back.” – Oliver Wilde