Having a facility that’s 100% focused on giving you the best outcome is important.

Jessica Green, patient

The day after Christmas of 2018, Jessica Green found the lump. “In the beginning it was heartbreaking and scary,” Jessica recalls. Within a week of going to Bronson, she received an ultrasound, a mammogram, a biopsy and ultimately, the confirmation of her fear. She had breast cancer.

She credits her medical care team and a supportive family and community for getting her through each step of treatment. First chemotherapy, then seven months after diagnosis, a double mastectomy. “I actually feel a sense of relief that it’s out of my body,” says Jessica.

Jessica, who also had her two children and a shoulder surgery at Bronson, looks forward to knowing Bronson has a regional cancer center, not only for herself, but so many families impacted by cancer. She says it would be reassuring to have a care team all in one place.

“With them being in the same hospital system, it will be much stronger and easier. Having a facility that’s 100 percent behind you and 100 percent focused on giving you the best outcome is so important.”