Hats off to the entire staff

Sandra Freyer, Family Member

My fiancée had a total hip replacement on Tuesday 9/6/22  at Bronson Methodist performed by Dr. Bruce Rowe and I must say the total overall experience leading up to surgery as well as after surgery was absolutely the best experience we both have ever experienced in a healthcare system! Hats off to the entire staff before and after the procedure! A special shout out to Lindsey in recovery as she was an angel we didn’t know we needed! This healthcare network is what all healthcare networks should be like… patient-oriented and caring. Bronson went above and beyond anything we have ever experienced in our dealings with hospitals and Doctors! I will not stop spreading the word about Bronson’s network and team and want to give a big THANK YOU to all of its staff that we had the pleasure to come into contact with yesterday. 💜

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