Hats off to all the staff as you are all one in a million

Penny Mcmillan, Patient

I was experiencing heavy bleeding with cramping. I had not been to a gynecologist in years and decided I had better find one. After finding Dr. Yankama and getting my diagnosis an outpatient surgery was planned. In September 2017 I went to Bronson (Bronson Battle Creek Hospital) for my first of two surgery’s. I was so happy to have all women in the operating room as the procedure was removing polyps and taking an endometrial sample. The nurses were so wonderful and understanding. After that procedure my excellent doctor scheduled my major surgery using the DaVinci robot.

I actually felt I was entering a hotel as I had not been in the main hospital since the change in name and room upgrades I call them. I was treated like a queen from start to finish and tell everyone how special I was made to feel before and after surgery!

Hats off to all the staff as you are all one in a million.

I only had to stay one night and I felt great and feel even better now. I am living my life pain free for the first time in years. God Bless Bronson Battle Creek!