Happily discovering the twists and turns on my career path

Holly Lovely, Employee

With a strong interest in both science and medicine, I decided to pursue a degree in Biomed with the intention of becoming a research scientist. I quickly realized after my graduation, that without a Master’s degree, it is quite difficult to find a research job. I was, however, fortunate to find a job as a tech in a small hospital lab. After several months in the lab, it dawned on me that a lab career was actually the perfect fit for me. Being quite shy, I found that I liked working behind the scenes, quietly assisting doctors to diagnose their patient’s health issues. It’s like being a medical detective.

Having experienced my own personal medical concerns, I am able to empathize and connect with our patients. I completely understand the fears and concerns that surround both unexpected illness and chronic disease. I feel blessed that, as a Bronson employee, I was able to receive training through the Medical Technology Program. It has allowed me to grow, both personally and professionally, over my 32 years as a Bronson employee.  I look forward to the future and the positive experiences that are yet to come!