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Lindsay Henning, Employee

Photo of Lindsay Henning, Bronson physical therapist

I am a relatively new member of the Bronson physical therapy team, but choosing Bronson has definitely been an amazing decision! As the “new kid on the block,” my manager and my teammates have been incredibly welcoming and supportive. And it’s not just kindness they show to me – everyone gets along really well. We are able to lean on each other if we’re having a bad day or working on a challenging case. Especially during the pandemic, this is a crucial part of a positive work environment. It can get stressful when a teammate tests positive for COVID or a new safety protocol is put in place, but knowing that we all have each other’s backs and are going to get through it together makes tough days easier.

Before coming to Bronson, I worked in the private practice setting. In PT school, this was always talked about like it was “The end goal … Everyone wants to work in private practice.” However, I have found that my pay is comparable and I have amazing benefits that you would never find in a small private setting (concierge services, tuition assistance, etc.). In fact, all Bronson employees just got a pay raise as a ‘thank you’ for our work during COVID. Even though I have only been here a short time, they still included me in that recognition. It made me feel like I am an important member of the team. Aside from compensation/perks, Bronson is really focused on quality over quantity. Working in outpatient rehab, I see around 11 patients each day. Every one of these patients have my undivided, one-on-one attention for 40 minutes. Many other PT locations have therapists working with multiple patients at once – it’s all about seeing as many patients as possible. How I see it, if employees are treated well and given the opportunity to use their skills to provide the best care possible, they’ll end up being more productive in the long run and won’t get burnt out.

Another really unique part about Bronson’s outpatient rehab office in Kalamazoo is that we have physical therapists, occupational therapists and speech therapists all in one location. Again, this isn’t something that every PT office does. This allows us to work together and collaborate directly on patients who are seeing more than one type of therapist. For instance, patients who come to us after having a stroke may be working with a PT and an OT. As a multidisciplinary team, we can work together to make sure that patient gets the best outcome possible.

To anyone exploring new job opportunities, I’d say take the chance! Great new opportunities are always waiting to just work out.

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