Great patient care!

Deb Paquette, Patient

In the fall my 16 year old son broke his ankle and needed surgery. A plate, 8 pins and 2 screws. His doctor and the staff was wonderful from the very beginning. I think the Bronson staff does a wonderful job of thinking of everything we don’t think, or know to ask. I felt completely confident in his care from the minute we walked in.  Every single person we came in contact with made us feel like a priority and there was nothing more important than what they were doing with us at that exact minute. The genuine care, kindness and attention to every little detail and every bit of parent anxiety was wonderful. I had the same experience yesterday when I had a tumor and part of my thyroid removed. From the minute I got there everyone was wonderful. All my nurses in pre-op and post-op and Dr. Wysong were wonderful.  Even people not in charge of my care were assisting me. I’m the midst of a snowstorm my teenage boys were driving home from school.  When I woke up I was very anxious. A nurse (not even my nurse) found out for me that they were home safely. In general, I am very grateful for all the wonderful care my family has received from the entire staff at Bronson.