Grateful for the outstanding level of care we received

Genanne Zeller, Patient

We came to Bronson by choice and under immediate care for my husband who had a totally out of the blue heart attack at age 39. My husband was transported via ambulance, and I followed in my car. I was met with a case worker and clergy person (Mike D) who took me directly to where my husband was being cared for. Mike sat by my side, offering support until I could talk with the main surgeon (Dr. Keller) in charge. Mike was quietly supportive and met all of my anxious needs in a loving, accepting way. Dr. Keller made a point to connect with me to tell me what had happened and was kind enough to not only explain what had happened and how what measures he took to fix the problem, but then showed me where to meet my husband out of surgery. Once we got settled we were lucky to get Kris and Ashley as our nurses (and then later Kate, and so many other helpers who I feel bad I can’t remember the names – it was a bit of a whirlwind). Kris was so re-assuring and loving and kind, and we saw her facilitate Ashley’s learning. We felt so cared for. We were struck by the team work between all of the nurses and how the more experienced nurses mentored the new nurses and honestly felt honored to be a part of that process. I am so grateful for the outstanding level of care we received, but even more grateful for the spirit of giving true care from nurses to patients and from nurses helping to train their own. Thank you so much for making a very traumatic experience one that could be educational and also so much full of heart and caring. I hope Bronson can do do something to recognize Kris, in particular, for her amazing care, especially since it is reflected in the awesome care that Ashley was able to provide to us under her watch. Thank you so much, care team. You saved my husband’s life, and made my experience as easy as it could be.