Gracynn rocked the NICU

Ashley Outman, Gracynn's mom

Gracynn blessed us with her presence at 32 weeks weighing in at 4lbs 7oz. We knew it was likely that Gracynn would join us before her due date. When she arrived, I was able to hold my baby girl before she was taken to Bronson’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). Gracynn’s journey is much different from her older sisters. Gracynn rocked the NICU and did not use the continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) respiratory support or stay in the incubator for very long. She was in a crib shortly after being admitted to the NICU. One of the hardest parts was having a child in the hospital and having one at home.

Gracynn came home after staying in the NICU for 26 days. Gracynn was an easy baby, however I noticed I became hyperaware of what milestones she was meeting and what she was not meeting. When it came time for her 6-month checkup at the neonatal clinic, a few things stood out to doctors. As soon as developmental issues began to surface, such as those preemie reflexes, I jumped into mama bear mode. I contacted Early On and got her into physical therapy.

Since getting Gracynn those extra services, she has taken off reaching different milestones. Gracynn is a little behind, but is feisty just like her older sister. She is crawling all around the home, she is observant and a little talker. She loves to babble and laugh. She has the tenacity and resilience to accomplish anything she puts her mind to.


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