Gloria did all the leg work for me (literally!)

Stephanie Hageman, Patient

I called Bronson Primary Care Partners – Richland to set up a new patient appointment. (I had been meaning to do it for months since I started on Bronson’s insurance in January, but haven’t due to covid.) I wanted to get in rather urgently, since I broke my leg almost 2 weeks ago and it has changed my life dramatically. Suddenly I can’t work, can’t clean, can’t make myself food, struggle to bathe. The simple things I took for granted became so much more difficult! It has left me feeling defeated and depressed. So I called to set up an appointment and they referred me to a nurse who had to transfer me to get my medical records. A wonderful lady named Gloria answered. I then just asked to have my medical records sent to Richland, without explaining my situation. She explained I would need to go into the office and ask them to request the medical records. I broke down in tears at this point, ready to give up. I explained that I have a broken leg and it is difficult for me to get in. Gloria did all the leg work for me (literally!) She got me all set up with an urgent new patient appointment, explained if I really needed to be seen sooner to call, and even told me to feel better soon. She truly made me feel heard and cared for! If it weren’t for her, I don’t know that i would have tried again to get a new patient appointment, and my mental health would have suffered. I truly appreciated her care!!!