Giving Guidance

Dr. Mahesh Karamchandani, Provider

Dr. Mahesh Karamchandani knows no matter what the illness or injury, each person comes with a unique story. It could be one of his patients at the Bronson Center for Colon and Rectal Diseases, or a patient visiting one of dozens of other medical practices throughout the Bronson Healthcare system.

“In this community, there are a lot of needs surrounding health care issues,” says Dr. Karamchandani. For his part, he has made a commitment to help beyond the care he provides patients each day. In 2016, he established the first Donor-Advised Fund (DAF) through the Bronson Health Foundation. DAFs enable donors to make a contribution to the Foundation, without deciding right away how the money will be distributed.

“It gives you a sense of ownership and control over what services you want to support. You might choose a cancer care project and later a pediatrics program. You are able to select something that piques your interest.”

DAFs allow donors to receive an immediate income tax deduction. Twice a year, the Bronson Health Foundation gathers those who have made donor advised gifts to discuss new projects or areas they may want to support. This gives donors an opportunity to become deeply engaged in the work of the Bronson Health Foundation.

“It makes me feel good,” Dr. Karamchandani says. “It gives me a chance to give back to the community which has supported me for the last 30 years.”