Gain back your self esteem

Sandra Cooper, Patient

Now let me tell you a story about Pulmonary Rehab. If you have a lung disease and have been Hospitalized frequently because of it,then its time for Pulmonary Rehab.This program will teach you things you probably didn’t even know existed.You will learn about all your medication, you will learn about ways to handled depression and anxiety….Those are just a couple of things you learn..You gain back your self esteem, you find other people that have the same disease as you do so you don’t feel like your all alone in this big old world. Pulmonary Rehab at Bronson of Battle Creek is the place to be for it…When I first started back in February I felt like most of the new ones that are going through it now,that is what exactly is this program going to do for me. Everyone has probably asked there self that more than once.So let me tell you what it has done for me…I have went from 6 min at 0.06 on the tread mill to 23min & 0.08 as the speed with a lot of encouragement from Brenda and Deb the therapist….I went from 6 min at level 1 to 30 min at level 4 on the stepper, I have went from lifting 2 lbs free weight to 6 lbs free weight..This is just a little of what I have accomplished in the program. What I gained was a whole lot more..I feel so much better about myself and what I have learned about my disease….. I have been able to do a little more at home, and when I’m out and about.The best thing I can tell everyone is keep pushing forward AND DO NOT GIVE UP…At the end you will feel amazing….Good Luck To All…..
Sandra Cooper