From the operating table to the dance floor in 3 weeks!

Amy McCash, Family Member

On Monday January 4th, 2016, my mother, Patti Siminske, was shoveling her driveway when she began to feel a burning sensation in her chest. Wisely, she stopped what she was doing and went inside. A few moments later when the pain did not go away, she picked up the phone and dialed 9-1-1. Quickly, the ambulance arrived and took her downtown to Bronson ER. She was in atrial fibrillation. She was admitted and kept overnight to monitor her enzyme levels to rule out a heart attack. The next day it was confirmed that she did indeed have a heart attack and the doctors wanted her to have a heart catheter to assess her situation. To our complete surprise, the heart catheter showed over 85% blockage in three main arteries and triple bypass was recommended. It was news no one was prepared to hear. So many thoughts crossed my mind … My mom is 62 years old and is healthy and active – this news couldn’t be true. How could she be facing major heart surgery? The timing could not be worse as my wedding was January 30th. And my mom was adamant that she was going to be there to see her only daughter walk down that aisle. I’m pretty sure she told the entire hospital, at least everyone on the cardiac floor, all about our wedding planning.

My mom had triple bypass open heart surgery on Friday January 8th and was home on her way to recovery on Wednesday January 13th. By the wedding on the 30th, she looked amazing in her gorgeous dress and sparkly shoes; half of our guests had no idea what she had been through those few days before. Bronson Hospital staff (nurses, doctors, surgeons) were all so amazing during this entire process. I have them to thank for aiding in her speedy recovery and giving me what every little girl dreams of – the wedding of my dreams, with my mother by my side to share my joy.

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