From the get go, we received excellent care, that went above and beyond.

Donna, Patient

In July, my 17 year old son was injured while being pulled on an inner tube behind a personal watercraft. The injury to his hand was not severe, but bad enough that he required surgery. Dr. Gerstner had treated my son for a broken wrist in the past, as well as treating another one of my children for a broken finger. Based on the care we received previously, I knew immediately who I would trust with my son’s care.

From the get go, we received excellent care, that went above and beyond. I would like to say that Sandy, who answered the phone at the office, was very kind and helpful in getting me to the person I needed to speak to. I asked some questions that she could not answer as she is not clinical staff, but she let me know what she could do and that she would get me to the person who could best help me.

Heather, Dr. Gerstner’s Medical Assistant, did a great job going through some concerns I had, and was very helpful and patient in explaining things to me. She also ROCKED OUT my FMLA paperwork; it was done thoroughly and very quickly. By doing so, there was one less thing for me to worry about, and made it so more of my focus could be on my son.

I called the surgery scheduler (sorry, I don’t remember her name!)because my husband ended up taking our son for the initial consult, and I just needed some clarification. She took time out of her day to go over it with me, even though she had already been over it with my husband.

Last, but certainly not least, is Dr. Gerstner. This was the first surgery he’s performed on any of my children, and he took the time to answer my questions and address my concerns before surgery, as well as afterwards in recovery. I did not feel rushed in any way, and he took time to explain everything I had questions about. He also spoke directly to my son, and answered questions he had, in a way that a 17 year old understands and respects.

Everyone I’ve come in contact with in this office has always been kind, considerate, and caring. They work well as a team and put patient care first in a such a way that for our family, it took a lot of the worry out of what was going on with my son.

I also want to add a shout out to Katie the Nurse at the Outpatient Surgery Center; I called her on the day of surgery because my son has Type I Diabetes, and he was having a low blood sugar, which we treated with glucose tabs, but I was concerned about him maintaining a safe glucose level due to the face he could not eat with the surgery just hours away. She told me to bring him in, even though it was earlier than his scheduled arrival time, and she took him back before we were even done checking in and assessed the situation with his glucose.

I understand everyone was doing their job, but the way in which they did it was always positive, and with great compassion and understanding. I will not hesitate to see Dr. Gerstner again if (heaven forbid!) we are in the need of orthopedic services again.

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