Frank made me a partner in my therapy

Cheri Stein, Patient

I have recently completed a 12-week physical therapy schedule with Frank Aerts. At first, I felt vulnerable and anxious, as this was to be brain re-training therapy after two concussions. I know what healing a knee looks like – this I didn’t know.

Very soon, I felt hopeful and eager – ready for every sequential drill, because Frank made me a partner in my therapy, rather than a patient. I wanted to know “why” for each exercise, and Frank had made knowledgeable choices he would clearly articulate before every session. He was always thoroughly prepared and helped me see the progress I was making all along the way. Some brain work just looks silly from an outsider’s perspective, and Frank laughed along with me as I would happily do whatever he’d planned.

I had no idea a physical therapist could be of expert help with brain trauma, and I am forever grateful that Frank made these sessions effective, productive, and safe.

With deep thanks, Cheri Stein