Abby Coss, Family Member

Thank you! 🙏
With every ounce in my body and soul. Thank you Bronson for saving my husband, Dillon’s, life and arm. It has been a long 23 days, but you all DID IT!!!!! Strep A,Necrotizing fasciitis, ARDS, pneumonia, septic, toxic shock syndrome, pseudomonas bacteria, 8 surgeries later and a massive skin graft, YOU DID IT!!! Thank you so so so much!!! I want to shout it from the rooftops and all over the world how grateful we are to you and your staff!!! We were finally able to come home to our three girls last night with Dillon alive and his arm intact! God bless you all and your wonderful staff and knowledge of doctors!!! We are so so so grateful!!! We have a long road to healing but in your hands we will be OK!!! Thank you with all my heart and soul!!!!!!!!!!!!
Please share this with your staff, bosses, presidents and donors!!!! You BRONSON, are my hero!!!!!! Thank you!