Exceptional teamwork and professionalism in a crisis

Jim McKernan, Bronson Employee

Today we recognize RN Sarah Lennon and Nurse Extern LaDonna Fox for exceptional teamwork and professionalism in a crisis.

Recently, Sarah and LaDonna from our BirthPlace team were part of an OB transfer to the Bronson Children’s Hospital..  They were returning from Kalamazoo with Lifecare Ambulance when an emergent call took the ambulance to a cardiac arrest.  The ambulance was first on the scene.  The paramedic from Lifecare has high praise for Sarah and LaDonna who immediately stepped in to help with CPR and ventilating the patient.  Their efforts were significant in those critical minutes awaiting additional resources.

Thanks to Sarah Lennon and LaDonna Fox for their focus, skills and teamwork.  And thanks to all across Bronson whose talents impact our community here at BBC and across the community.

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