Exceptional Care requires an exceptional team

Jim McKernan, Employee

Today we recognize a full team of Bronson Battle Creek staff and physicians who provided exceptional response to a significant and unusual trauma arriving at BBC.

Providing details of the case is not necessary here… except to note that BBC staff provided a remarkable and immediate team response. As described by a physician involved:  ‘It was easily one of the most impressively seamless critical care cases I’ve had at any of our hospitals.’

Among the many who were noted for rapid and critical response were ED physician Jonathan Dadurian, neurologist Yanny Phillips, nurses Susan Guritz, Ashton Lohrke, and Stephanie Schumann, Angela Honda from Bronson First, PCAs Heaven Davis, Chad Hitz and Tracy Sanchez, HUC Karin Reed, Radiology technicians Susan Depottey, Pamela Lantis, Jennifer Endres and Shari Pipher, Respiratory therapist Katherine Grabiec, and ED pharmacist Robert Coffey.

Thank you to all those detailed above – and likely to others whose names we did not capture.  Exceptional Care requires an exceptional team – and all of us are part of that delivery!