Everything you’re doing is to better the patient experience

Adam Hall, Bronson Employee

Adam Hall started working at Bronson as an intern in the Human Resources (HR) department in 2017. Before coming to Bronson, he had a full-time job across town however; he really wanted to work at Bronson because of the organizations. “I know a couple people who have worked here before, still employed here who got me the courage to come through the front door and start as an intern,” said Adam.

After a few months as an intern, Adam was offered a full-time position as a human resources information systems (HRIS) analyst. In his daily work, he supports the employee benefit/pay system (Workday) and the reporting needs of the department. His full-time role is very similar to what he was doing as an intern, but he has felt a shift going into a full-time career. He said “It’s a great feeling to realize that this is where you are going to be and to start growing your career from there.”

“One word I would use to describe Bronson would be proud,” said Adam. “It’s kind of the hashtag we use, #bronsonproud, but it really is something that all the employees here really take to heart. Everything you’re doing is to better the patient experience and that’s what we talk about even from an HR side. You don’t have direct patient relationships, but everything you are doing is to better their experience.”

When asked about what it’s like to work on the HR team, he commented “We are really, really close as a team and work really well together. I really like that! Everyone is so tight-knit as a group even though we have different areas such as benefits, employee relations, recruiting.”

Adam really enjoys the benefits he has received as a full-time employee at Bronson. “With the health plan I choose, I get some Wellness Dollars that I get to put towards my membership at Bronson Athletic Club,” he said. “And I really like the location downtown. It’s nice that as an employee I can walk there before or after work and even sometimes during lunch.”

What advice would you give someone looking to pursue a career at Bronson?
Adam says “If someone was looking for a job here at Bronson, the advice that I would give them is that it’s not always where you start, it’s where you finish. There are job opportunities everywhere at Bronson, depending on what your skill set is, there’s always going to be something there.” His best advice is for people to “be open to what’s open right now. You never know what might happen or how you could grow your career.”

Do you want to start a career at Bronson?

We’re hiring! Our healthcare system is comprised of more than 70 locations, including four hospitals in southwest and south central Michigan. Our values of integrity, patient and family-centered care, teamwork, evidence-driven improvement, education and community commitment guide us. To learn more or apply, visit bronsonhealth.com/careers. This is your career, where will you take it?