Everyone went out of their way to make sure I had success.

Steven Barry, Patient

In early spring, Steve Barry began noticing knee pain that was hindering his golf game. The pain continued to grow to the point where he could hardly walk.  Steve went to Dr. Quinter M. Burnett at Bronson Sports Medicine Specialists to have his knee examined.

Dr. Burnett suspected Steve might have a meniscus tear and ordered an MRI, which confirmed the diagnosis. Due to multiple tears and the pain Steve was suffering, surgery was recommended as his best option.

“I’m an avid golfer and was worried about surgery and my recovery,” explains Steve. “I had been preparing for a golf tournament with my son in April and didn’t want this to set me back. Dr. Burnett was leaving for vacation, but went out of his way to schedule my surgery before he left.”

Steve came to Bronson Methodist Hospital for his knee surgery. “Everything was great – from start to finish everyone went above and beyond to make sure I knew what to expect,” says Steve.

After surgery, Steve was still focused on getting back on the golf course.

“Dr. Burnett gave me home stretches and exercises to do and recommended physical therapy to speed up the process,” explains Steve. “I had done physical therapy before and it really helped so I wanted to give it a try again.”

To aid his recovery and make sure he could get back to the golf course strong and healthy, Steve began rehabilitation at Bronson Rehabilitation Services at 315 Turwill Lane in Kalamazoo.

“After a meniscus tear it is important to concentrate on increasing quad strength and getting the knee straight while lying down,” says Matt Militzer, physical therapist assistant at Bronson Rehabilitation Services.

As Steve grew stronger, his physical therapy team moved him on to weight bearing activities and slowly incorporated golfing techniques into his sessions until full-swings were tolerable.

“Matt was also an avid golfer,” said Steve. “That was really nice because we could talk about golf and work on golf specific exercises to help with my chip, putt and swing.”

With Matt’s help, Steve was able to complete his physical therapy and return back to the golf course in time to prepare for his tournament.

“I’ve done rehabilitation closer to my home in Mattawan, but I really love it at Bronson,” explains Steve. “It’s worth the drive.”

Steve continues to stretch and do his home exercises religiously. Before his surgery and rehabilitation, Steve relied heavily on his golf cart to get him through the course.

“Now I’m taking the time to walk and enjoy golf more – something I have always wanted,” he says.

Because of his positive experience with rehabilitation and his quick recovery, Steve encourages others to think about physical therapy to help them get back to living an active life.

“I would recommend others to Bronson for anything,” says Steve. “It’s always top notch.”



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