Everyone we interacted with was kind and compassionate

Matt Robbins, Family Member

This was my son’s 5th surgery for cleft repair. He was looking forward to this surgery and staying in the hospital because of the games and things to do during recovery. I think this speaks to the quality of care the staff provides, that an 8 year is excited to have surgery because of the aftercare. I would say if the process is more memorable than recovery from a surgery of the surgery, you are doing something right. I cannot thank the staff enough for what they do. Everyone we interacted with was kind and compassionate.

I also want to acknowledge Cindy P. She is the receptionist at Surgery B when we checked in. This woman is an amazing employee. We overhead several difficult customers approach her in unkind and unnecessary ways and he handled herself with poise and compassion. She did an excellent job assisting these patients and navigating them through their issues. She is fantastic and should be praised for it.

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