Everyone was wonderful

Georgene Kaufman, Patient

On May 20, 2015 I was admitted to Bronson to have a total left knee replacement. Bronson has always been my hospital of choice since moving to Michigan in 1979. My experiences during this stay only serve to solidify my decision for using Bronson. The entire staff treated me with respect which makes it hard to single out any one individual but I do find it necessary to send a special thank you to Stephanie in recovery who had to change my bedding 3 times. I had a spinal and was unaware I was wetting the bed. I vow to have a catheter inserted when I have the right knee done later this year. No one should have to clean up after me if not necessary. I would also like to thank RNs Kelli, Tony and Pat and PCAs Juanita and Theresa, Theresa and I got off to a bumpy start but improved dramatically the second night I was there. Everyone was wonderful so please don’t be upset if I didn’t mention you by name. See you all again in the fall.

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