EVERYONE was so caring

Marion Marchetti, Patient

Last year I was in this hosp in March for a nasty pneumonia. I was on 4W which made me very relieved, I used to work here and know what a fine staff you have up there. It was wonderful to see the night shift familiar faces. Darlene recognized me after a few moments, it was so good to see her face! Darrin was such a doll, I was scared and rattled from the steroids, he took me for the night, while in charge, he said the nurses were busy, but l know l was a pain in the butt and very needy. EVERYONE was so caring and never made me feel like l was being unreasonable. They took excellent care of me I wish I could remember everyones name. Jenn is the other name I do remember. In August I was back in for asthma exacerbation and went to the unit in the old building. It was a joy to be there too and  my RN was Julie, a real sweetheart from my working days. I also had two PCAs, one who had gone on to school and is now an RN. They also were lovely and alll took excellent care of me. So comforting to see all those wonderful familiar faces. Every staff member I ran into were wonderful.