Everyone was a great example of Bronson Positivity

Laura LeClear, Patient

A big thank you beaucoup to everyone associated with my recent emergency appendectomy and then abscess at Bronson Hospital. Dr. Minnick, Dr. Dittenbir, Mike Herb and staff, Penny, Laura, Casey, Erin, KrisStacee, Dr. Rainey, Nan and Staff, transport, room and services, housekeeping, and many other doctors, nurses and staff whose names I didn’t mention- everyone was a great example of Bronson Positivity; warm and caring helpful and supportive.

Here’s another small example but it meant a lot to me! When ordering room service, I asked for a coke and was asked if Pepsi would work. I replied that my uncle had worked for Coke but if they had Pepsi it would be fine.

When my tray arrived, there was a bottle of Coke on it. I must also mention Lisa Watson, my follow-up nurse from Bronson at Home. She as always efficient, cheery, helpful and caring.

Thank you all!!

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