Everyone leaves us with a positive impression

Greg Purchase, MD, Patient

This past spring, I was seen by my primary care doctor because I wasn’t feeling well. Due to my condition, my doctor knew something was not right and instructed me to go to the hospital right away. When my wife and I arrived at Bronson Battle Creek, I was admitted to the critical care unit. During my hospitalization, I was diagnosed with renal disease and leukemia.

When I received the diagnosis, I was referred to Dr. Nidhi Mishra at the Bronson Battle Creek Cancer Care Center. Dr. Mishra met with me right away and was kind, caring and understanding of my situation. Although my wife had previously received radiation at U of M, and I knew I would receive great care there, my instant connection with Dr. Mishra was comforting, and I liked the option of receiving my treatment close to home. This would save me lots of time in the car driving between Battle Creek and Ann Arbor on a weekly and daily basis. From day one at the Bronson Battle Creek Cancer Care Center, everyone has been amazing and left us with a positive impression.

Since starting treatment, I have spent a lot of time at the Cancer Care Center. I began with one month of once-a-week chemotherapy treatments. Then, I came every day for a week. Now, I continue to come back for routine checkups and infusions. Now that I am a “regular,” the front desk receptionists know my name and have my paperwork ready for me as soon as I enter the building. The nurses and staff all know me and are extremely friendly. As for Dr. Mishra, she is extremely helpful, explains everything that is happening, and does it with compassion and kindness. Also, Tim Sparling, the pain management specialist, stands out as someone who is truly exceptional, friendly and knowledgeable.

The nursing staff in the infusion room are incredibly friendly, upbeat, knowledgeable and efficient. Three nurses I have had most contact are Gretchen, Michelle and Lindsey. Aside from the clinical staff members, Sue from registration has been incredibly easy to work with. My wife works part-time, and it is not always easy for her to get time off. It’s important for us to find openings that fit not only my schedule, but hers too. Sue goes above and beyond to accommodate both our schedules, so my wife can be there to support me during my treatments.

Something that I think is special about the Bronson Battle Creek Cancer Care Center is that everyone really loves their job. Everyone is happy to be here and happy to make the patient’s experience the best it can be. I had an appointment on Halloween this year – and what a treat that was! The staff was all dressed up and did a dance to the song “Thriller”. It was fun to watch and brought a smile to my face, and so many other patients as well.

Having the opportunity to receive such compassionate cancer care in the comfort of my own community has been great. Being diagnosed with cancer is difficult. Coming into this, I didn’t know what to expect or what was going to happen. However, thanks to the expertise and care of Dr. Mishra and the Bronson Battle Creek Cancer Care Center team, I now have a much greater understanding of my diagnosis, treatment and plan for recovery. I am confident that I am in good hands with the team at Bronson Battle Creek!