Everyone in pain and in need of physical therapy need to see Shraddha Patel

Jasna Putnik, Patient

I have planed to post this about 2 months ago, but life got in front of me and stalled, so here we are…..

I wanted to tell everyone about Dr. Shraddha Patel, Physical Therapist at Bronson Rehabilitation Services -Centre.

I am fast paced person, I walked fast, I talk fast – I have only one speed, high speed.

My pain effectively grounded me and I was miserable before I met Dr. Patel.

At my first appointment with Dr. Patel, assessment appointment, I knew I got someone special! Dr. Patel listened to me! She listened to me while looking at me, she was not looking at her laptop, she did not type, she did not interrupt me and try to redirect my story, she patiently and attentively listen to everything I had to say about my pain and a problems it caused me. I felt heard! Then, Dr. Patel explained to me origins of my pain, explained to me what we were going to do and what she was expecting me to achieve – I knew I was going to be ok! Dr. Patel got me through every of my appointments with high professionalism, with kindness and understanding but always  pushing me forward. I could not be more grateful to Dr. Shraddha Patel.

Everyone in pain and in need of physical therapy need to have Dr. Patel in their life!!