Everyday living is much more pleasant

Cheryl Ernsberger, Patient

For years & years I went to my own family Dr. I was told it was cellulite. I assumed he was right because I quit smoking 7 years ago & have gained weight. I was waking up at nite, couldn’t work, even sitting. I met Dr. Vaddineni on the 29th of April & by May 1st he performed surgery on my femeral artery which was blocked in my groin. No wonder why I had pain. The very next day I woke & had no leg pain. I cried I could feel my toes & the only pain I really had was on my groin where the staples were. I work now walk & getting ready to ride a bike again. On a positive note If you have pain & your Dr. does nothing find another one I really think mine could have been taken care of sooner. Now I can live another 50 years. Than you Dr. Vaddineni I feel young again& my everyday living is much more pleasant & happier & I have a pulse.
<3 <3 a happy patient

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