Everyday he comes to work by giving 300%

Vishal, Bronson Employee

Since the first day I arrived to the Trauma and Emergency Room here at Bronson Methodist Hospital, I was greeted by the warm smile of a co-worker named Joel Hanlon. Though he was a RN and I a ED Tech, Joel welcomed everyone with his positive attitude and inspiring beliefs on patient care standards.

I could endlessly discuss outstanding work-ethic practices, patient care standards, and team-work based models that Joel implements in his everyday practice as a RN here in our ER that I have observed over a year.  However, that would not do justice as it is his personal touch, positive feedback to his co-workers, his clinical mentoring for further pursuit of knowledge and improving patient care and safety standards, and the way his genuine bedside manner comes across to his patients that sets Mr. Hanlon apart in a hospital system filled with so much positivity and synergy.

I have had the privilege to work under Joel, learning from his clinical mentoring. I know that all the knowledge he has imparted and taught me will help me in graduate school and one day become an excellent medical care provider like him.

His positive attitude, going above and beyond helping his fellow co-workers, and mentoring of other RNs and technicians are some of the few qualities Joel possesses that makes him an excellent leader and collaborative team player.

Joel exemplifies Bronson Positivity everyday he comes to work by giving 300% effort into his patient care and satisfaction, and then he still manages to have energy left over to assist his co-workers.

I have tried a couple times to nominate Joel for the Daisy award and the department award. Though Joel was not chosen, he is a winner to me because of the impact he made on me as a new employee and as a clinical mentor. He gives his full effort to patient care and teaches pathophysiology and pharmacology concepts to us technicians when he has a moment free in his hectic schedule.

I hope when I come back to Bronson as a provider after graduate school, I can work alongside Joel. Though he is a young nurse, I have heard from other RNs and have seen myself that Joel is very thorough in his charting, patient care, and mentoring new RNs. He is a stand-up person with great character and a very positive inspiring co-worker to be around.

Joel’s leadership qualities and ability to inspire and guide his team are an invaluable asset to have here in our Trauma and ER department. I hope Bronson hospital as a whole also will become aware of what a great employee they have here. He sets the expectation bar for patient care a bit higher for all of us, while doing so in a very supportive and encouraging manner.

I am proud to say Joel is one of the best examples of Bronson Positivity in action that I see on a daily basis. I hope he one day soon takes on a more active role in a leadership position. He has inspired me to be a better medical care provider, not only by medical competency, but also with compassion and heart.

Bronson is a great place to work because of co-workers like Joel. More importantly, it is the best place to get patient care in emergency situations thanks to loyal, hard-working, altruistic, and compassionate employees like Joel Hanlon.

Thank you for your time and hearing experiences of RN Joel Hanlon.

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