Everybody working or volunteering for Bronson was so personable and nice

Robert Friedlander , Patient

Received my first COVID-19 virus vaccine the first day it was available at the Portage venue. Appointment was for 10:30 a.m. Arrived to the area and there were signs every where indicating where to park your vehicle. Next there were signs leading you into the building. Once you arrived at the door you were greeted by the nicest person. A couple of questions and in the door you go. Met by another person who told you where to stand and what line to wait in. Gave the person behind the window all of my info and then you were instructed to go to the next station. There they had all of your “correct info” in the computer! Next stop was the shot followed by waiting in a short line to give some more info to a person behind a desk. Everybody had all of your correct info. Was told to sit for 15 minutes to see if you may have a reaction to the shot. Meanwhile somebody was cleaning every chair that had been used. Wait 15 minutes and out the door you go again and the person at the door was so nice AGAIN! Heard the lady who was behind this incredible organization was Melissa Madsen but I may be wrong? Whoever organized this event it was a great running process. In and out in a matter of 20 minutes. Everybody working or volunteering for Bronson was so personable and nice. Not a single GRUMP in the building. The operation went like a “fine tuned clock!” Follow the directions and the communication was just great! So if one person was behind the planning they deserve a Nobel Prize. And the rest of the people who worked this day- can share! Just an incredible experience planned that every detail made it so easy for people to get a positive experience and be on the way to a path to beat this awful virus!