Every staff member

Kay Probyn, Patient

My latest experience as a Bronson patient was absolutely stellar. Each and every staff member with whom I interacted, from checking in early on the morning of Sept. 17 for my shoulder replacement surgery to my discharge a little more than 24 hours later, was caring, compassionate and extremely professional.

The surgery team, including nurses Dana and Kathy, Dr. Grant Bowman and PA Danielle, and anesthesiologist Dr. Thomas Daufenbach, went above and beyond the basics to explain each part of the process to me and my family. They made sure that I understood what I would be experiencing and that I was comfortable and relaxed.

Prior to my surgery Dr. Daufenbach performed a nerve block near my shoulder. He very thoroughly explained what he would be doing and how it might affect my body. He was so skilled in his work that I did not even feel him perform the procedure.

The team kept my family in the waiting room informed about my status during the procedure and let them know when I was in recovery. Dr. Bowman met with them after the surgery to talk through how the procedure went and to explain what I could expect to experience in the days to follow. He answered all of their questions and let them know how they could support my recovery.

When I was transferred to the orthopedic surgery unit, Tonique had cleaned the room so well I felt like I was the first person to have stayed there. Nurses Anna and Lisa Marie and medical assistants Brandi and Theresa took excellent care of me. Anna made sure that I was settled into my room and had my medications as needed. She also did a very thorough job in walking my family and me through the discharge process when it was time to leave.

Brandi helped me take my first steps following surgery and made sure that I had what I needed in my room. Lisa Marie and Theresa spent time with me during the night and were wonderfully caring and considerate. I cannot thank them enough for their personable and effective care.

Everything about my stay was excellent, including the food that I was served! This was all due to the people who work at Bronson and make it an exceptional health system. I cannot say enough good things about the individuals who took care of me and because of them I will recommend Bronson to anyone asks about the best hospital in southwest Michigan for surgical care.