Every staff member in the BirthPlace was truly unbelievable.

Elizabeth Williams, Patient

I came into Bronson by ambulance from another hospital. I was 30 weeks along in my pregnancy and in labor. The staff in the Kalamazoo BirthPlace was amazing. This was my first child and I didn’t know what to expect. I was terrified. The amazing nurses made me more than comfortable throughout the night and were able to stop my labor from progressing. Then, right at shift change, my water broke. I was in a complete panic. The nurse came in and immediately went to work. She stayed calm, tried to calm me down and made all her calls to get the NICU team and the doctor in the room. My son came in just 5 minutes. In 5 minutes, I went from my labor being stopped to being a mom of a 3lb 6oz baby boy. I was still terrified. I heard a small cry, then nothing. The team quickly intubated my son and got him breathing again. I was able to hold him for a minute before they took him to the NICU.

Every staff member in that room was truly unbelievable. It was as if a tornado had just whirled through my room and I was the only one affected by it. Fast forward an hour or so, I was able to go down and meet my son. What I didn’t realize was that I was about to meet real live angels. Seeing my small baby in a plastic box so helpless was the hardest thing I’ve ever been through. I am still blown away by every single employee of the NICU and Stepdown Unit. My son spent a total of 37 days in the NICU. I traveled from Dowagiac every day to see him and help him grow. There are no words to describe the NICU team. For being such a sad and scary place, they are the happiest and most friendly people. They truly become family. There were days where I would crack under all the pressure and stress. They were always there to talk me through it and help make things great.

My son is going to be 1 in just a week. He is a happy, healthy, and chunky little guy. We have the NICU team to thank for that! Through this journey, I learned of the power of prayer, and that angels exist here on earth. They are right there working in your hospital.

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