Empathetic and considerate

Donna Head, Patient

I would just like to take a moment to commend Dr. Robert Prodinger ER physician for the great care, compassionate and empathy in taking care of my mother in law, June Head, after her stroke in June. He couldn’t have been more empathetic and considerate. She eventually sucummed to her condition. Also, on August 29, I was in the ER for a cat bite that was obviously infected. He took the utmost wonderful care of me. My nurse Deb was very caring and empathetic to me as well. They are both great individuals. And then again there was a matter of my daughter, Melissa Head, who came in the next day August 30 presenting with the same cat bite symptoms. I must commend everyone involved with the exception of her nurses. Not naming names but I thought they were a bit condescending. I have been a nurse for 45 years and we were trained to treat everyone with respect and dignity. I thought both these discharge nurses were somewhat more indignant and should be reminded of simple gesters and tone of their voices would go a long way to empathize with a very sore patient. I know who you are and am a very good judge of character. You should take lessons from my nurse Deb even though she had been only on the job 7 months.All in all our experiences were gracious and professional by Dr. Prodinger and Dr. Walbridge. Thank you so much for your tender care.