Emery was so happy, and for a few minutes, she was acting like her normal self again.

Sam Breithaupt, patient's mom


Recently, my daughter, Emery, caught a virus which unfortunately resulted in pneumonia. She already has several breathing issues and is dependent on her tracheotomy. We went to the emergency department at Bronson Methodist Hospital and immediately we were taken care of. It was a scary experience to say the least because Emery’s oxygen levels were pretty low and we noticed she wasn’t eating or drinking very much. Thankfully, the staff was already aware of her health history, so they had a solid plan of action.

Once we were taken to a room, several nurses, doctors and a respiratory therapist cared for Emery. They assured us that giving her extra oxygen would make her feel better before giving her the first dose of antibiotics. While we waited for her oxygen levels to go back up, the child life specialist came in and brought bubbles! Emery loved watching and reaching for the bubbles. She was so happy, and for a few minutes, she was acting like her normal self again. All of the staff kept commenting that she was so joyful and sweet. That made my heart so happy to hear in an otherwise stressful situation. We were all so entertained by Emery. She loves to show off for new people, too. I’m thankful we had a little fun while they prepped her room in Bronson Children’s Hospital’s Pediatric Intensive Care Unit for our two-night stay.

To learn how you can support child life services at Bronson, visit the Bronson Health Foundation’s Children’s Hospital Fund page. 

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