Emberley Saved My Life!

Anastasia, Patient

Anastasia with baby Emberley.

About a month ago I started having contractions but my delivery date wasn’t for another two weeks. Since I was a patient at Bronson Obstetrics & Gynecology Specialists in Marshall, I went to the Bronson BirthPlace at Battle Creek. I ended up going into labor. The team at Bronson noticed my oxygen level was dropping during delivery so they tested me and found that I was COVID-19 positive. I was surprised since prior to my delivery, at my job, I had tested negative for COVID-19.

My nurse midwife was Karissa Hawley who delivered my baby girl, Emberley. At that point, I was feeling really tired and sick so Lindsay, the lactation consultant, came in and pretty much did everything so that I could breastfeed Emberley. I was then transferred to the Critical Care Unit (CCU). It was at that time that Lindsay brought Emberley to me so that I could breastfeed. It was such an emotional time that I cried. I had such good treatment in the OB and CCU – l loved all the people who took care of me. I could not have gotten better care anywhere.

As to Emberley, she saved my life! If I hadn’t gone into labor, I wouldn’t have gone to the hospital.

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