Dr. Workman was gracious and helpful

Jim McKernan, Bronson Employee

Today we recognize Dr. William Workman for building trusting partnerships and creating exceptional care experiences.

Recently, a local mom was trying to decide whether to send her sick child back to school. The child was being treated with an antibiotic . . . and the parent was waiting for a call-back from the child’s provider before making the decision about a return to the classroom. It became evening and the parent realized that no call-back was coming. The mom remembered that she had once been given a personal phone number by her physician, Dr. Workman. She texted – Dr. Workman responded – and was able to provide good advice based on the timing of the antibiotic. The mother sent along a ‘thank you’ note, expressing deep appreciation that Dr. Workman was gracious and helpful, even when the question was not about his patient.

Congratulations to Dr. William Workman for providing an exceptional care experience. And thanks to providers and staff across Bronson who go the extra mile when providing care to our community.

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