Dr. William Workman was kind, professional.

Deborah Poe, Patient

I had the pleasure of meeting with this fine physician today who was caring and took the time needed with me to discuss all that I had wrong my illnesses. He is kind, professional and wants a doctor-patient relationship. I see more and more doctors treating this more like a business then what it really is. He set my mind at ease that I may have found one of the very few physician left who have a relationship with their patients and not just a walk in rush you out in 5 minutes and not care about what’s really going on with your well being. I’m very satisfied with my first meeting and pray he will be my Doctor for the rest of my life, and if he keeps the same attitude and professional attitude and showing me he cares about my needs and is concerned with my overall well being then he will be my doctor – the last one I will ever have to look for. Thank you Dr. Workman for such a wonderful first impression and showing that you generally care and are concerned about my quality of life and overall health and well being.

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