Dr. Tonda is a model for what a provider should be

Pam Largent, Family Member

I want to send on a huge round of applause and a deep sense of gratitude to Dr. Richard Tonda. My husband, Dan, struggled for many years from extreme health concerns due to his initial battle with pancreatic cancer. Although Dr. Tonda was his main physician, he traveled to the University of Michigan for much of his specialized care and treatment.  Throughout Dan’s entire journey, Dr. Tonda was there to give both me, and Dan, medical advice on what measures to take, and what decisions might be best for our situation.  Not only was the medical care that Dr. Tonda provided superb, but it was the ongoing personal support that meant the most to both of us.  Dr. Tonda’s personal calls to our home to check on us meant everything. He was also just as concerned about my health and how I was doing, as a caregiver, as he was for Dan.  He became a champion for our benefit and a personal friend.  Dr. Tonda is a model for what a provider should be. Dan passed away on November 25, 2018.

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