Dr. Sytsma was able to schedule my surgery just one day after my first appointment with him

Robert Boyes, Patient

I celebrated my birthday this year at the Bronson Emergency Department after tearing my patellar tendon. X-rays and tests showed I was going to need to surgery.

I had knee surgery several years ago, so I was apprehensive about having it again – I knew the long road to recovery it involved. I spoke with Dr. Robert Highhouse of Bronson Sports Medicine Specialists who repaired my ACL in 2005. He provided excellent care then, so when he recommended I make an appointment with Mark Sytsma, MD, I felt confident I was in good hands.

Dr. Sytsma was able to schedule my surgery just one day after my first appointment with him.  On the morning of the procedure, all of the providers and staff kept me informed of what was going on and what to expect. The surgery went as planned and I was able to go home that afternoon.

For the past 13 weeks, I’ve attended physical therapy at Bronson Rehabilitation Services – Centre Ave. With so many appointments to remember, Bronson MyChart has kept me on track.

My physical therapists, Ben and Dan, have been awesome! They are both super personable and always tailor my regiment around the specific goals I want to accomplish. They accommodate my busy schedule and have given me exercises to do at home so I can continue my recovery. Thanks to them, my strength and mobility have improved faster than expected.

While this injury has been a major interruption in my life, the high standard of care I’ve received at Bronson has been very reassuring.

Throughout the entire process, all of my providers genuinely seemed to have my best interests in mind and were committed to restoring my quality of life to the way it was before my injury.

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