Dr. Steve Lins went above and beyond for a patient in need

Jim McKernan, Bronson Employee

Today we recognize anesthesiologist Dr. Steve Lins for teamwork and commitment to exceptional care experiences.

Recently, a patient preparing for surgery faced one of those moments where they needed personal assistance – and it needed to be NOW.  The patient was a fall risk and family had already been instructed not to move him.  A quick call button push for help did not result in immediate response as it was a busy morning in pre-op.  A request down the hall produced Dr. Steve Lins who asked how he could help.  Dr. Lins enlisted family to accompany them and helped the patient to the nearest restroom . . . then waited outside to assist the patient back to his bed.

Thanks to Dr. Steve Lins for showing teamwork, and demonstrating our patient-and-family-centered values of dignity and respect.  And thanks to our team across Bronson who do the little things each and every day that lead to exceptional care experiences.