Dr. Reschke is an excellent doctor

Jude Levinson, Patient

I am writing to you to tell you about my recent Breast Cancer experience with Dr. Reschke and the Bronson Women’s Center.

Fifteen years ago I had Breast Cancer surgery on my right breast at the University of Michigan Medical Center. On September 3rd of this year I had surgery on my left breast with Dr. Reschke. My two experiences could not have been different. Although I had a good surgeon at U of M and except for the feeling that I was on an assembly line in a surgery factory, I had a good experience. However, the care and compassion I experienced at Bronson was far superior and I am writing to commend you on your staff.

Dr. Reschke is an excellent doctor. Her patient/doctor manner was professional, comforting, informative and personal. It is evident to me that she truly cares about her patients. Her light hearted nature coupled with her professional knowledge gave me confidence and alleviated the fear I experienced having Breast Cancer a second time. She made my whole ordeal easier to cope with and I feel lucky to have had her as my doctor.

I know that Dr. Reschke has a busy schedule being the sole surgeon given the recent retirement of your other staff doctor. Dr. Rechke gave me no indication she was on a tight schedule. On the contrary, she gave me her time and energy as if I was her only patient. I am sure you are aware of all her good qualities and skills, but I felt compelled to share my very positive experience with you.

I would also like to commend Katie, her assistant, for her gentle care and comfort she afforded me.