Dr. Nikkel has never given up on me

David White, Patient

Dr. Mark R. Nikkel was referred to me by my former Big City Fire Medical Section 11 years ago, after a career ending shoulder tear at work. The most compassionate surgeon with a DO training to attempt other remedies first before surgery, unless urgency is a must. He met our newborn daughter at our first post-surgical visit during a trying time and never forgot it! We have tried PT, The H Wave Stim, TENS, Pain RX, NSAIDS and surgery 2X. Dr. Nikkel has never given up on me. The Bronson Family and SW Michigan is lucky to have a great surgeon and even better man. It’s always worth the visit to Michigan to attend appointments with Dr. Nikkel and staff. “You never get short changed with Dr. Nikkel.” Thanks for all your efforts.

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