Dr. Naz always goes above and beyond for her patients

Kelly DeFord, Patient

We had a patient that was scheduled to come in for an acute simple cold, congestion appointment with a physician in another suite as Dr. Naz did not have anything available this particular day. This being an elderly patient she showed up an hour late not realizing the actual time of her appointment. When the other office would not see her, Dr. Naz had me work her into her schedule that day. This was not out of the ordinary for Dr. Naz whom is always working her patients in. The moral of this story is that we ended up having to call 911 for patient whom was admitted to the hospital for complications for her COPD.I can only imagine if we hadnt worked that patient in and saw her she would have left and who knows what the outcome would have been.Dr. Naz always goes above and beyond for her patients. She,in my opinion, is one of the best physicians we have here at the BLOC.