Dr. Madeiro’s presence was so calming, informative and respectful of my father

Pam Poley

My 93-year-old father was at Bronson in August for some diagnostic testing after not being able to eat for several days. They eventually discovered a tumor between the stomach and esophagus which prevented him from eating and also diagnosed a heart condition at the time which he did not want to be treated because of his age. Dr. Marcos Madeiro, MD met with him three days in a row helping him understand his diagnosis, understand the outcomes if he chose to not treat the conditions he was dealing with, and also gave him time and room to consider a referral to Hospice which Dr. Madeiro finally facilitated. His presence was so calming, informative and respectful of my father, something you don’t often see from health care providers working with the elderly. I will never forget my father’s tearful relief when Dr. Madeiro suggested Hospice and supported his decision to not do surgery. To me, it was true health care and compassion combined and I will be forever grateful for Dr. Madeiro’s wisdom and support.