Dr. Kocharla was personable, efficient, and knowledgeable

Marilyn Gore, Patient

I had a wonderful great experience at Bronson today! First appointment with Dr. Lakshmi Kocharla! Office and Dr. were personable, efficient, and knowledgeable! I loved that I was able to just go one floor up and have my blood drawn! They also were quick, and efficient! After getting my blood drawn, I walked out to hear beautiful peaceful piano music, what a treat…I then got a salad and a coffee and sat and listened to the beautiful music,…Just a very calming experience….for someone ‘s first time looking for the DR and lab…My Husband and I have used your emergency before and have always been impressed!! We are from Battle Creek but choose to use your services….Thank you for your Positivity ! It certainly has always been a positive experience for us.

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