Dr. Kasten and his staff have been amazing, I feel blessed

Drew Shourd, Patient

I had been having major back problems for decades. After my first failed lumbar surgery in L.A. I was forced to move back to southwest Michigan with my mom and was blessed to meet Dr. Kasten and his staff in mid 2016. Since then I have had two lumbar fusions, first L5-L3, then L-3-L2. The procedures were perfectly executed, from A to Z really. Great staff, caring, knowledgeable… what else would you want. Dr. Kasten and his staff, Steve and Charles, over the years have been amazing, I feel blessed.

I need to add, please, on Dec. 3rd, 2019…exactly one year after my third lumbar surgery (second by Dr. Kasten) I went for a check up and was greeted by a new staff member I haven’t met yet. I forgot his name, my apologies, a vert tall, dark skinned, long haired man, very positive and was simply awesome. His character and his energy was very genuine, very positive and I appreciated him very very much, an amazing addition for sure. I regret not remembering his name and hope this gets back to him. Bronson has always been A+ in every facet, every detail and I feel blessed, thank you.