Dr. Collins is awesome!

Mark, Patient

Growing up, I was never really careful about taking care of my body and knew, after 20+ years, it was time to give those aches and pains some attention. Kinda like time for a tune-up! A few years ago, I had a shoulder scope done by Dr. Barry Collins when he was practicing in Hillsdale. It was such a great experience that when I started having pain in my other shoulder, I knew it was time to go back to my orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Collins. Although Dr. Collins is now located in Battle Creek at Bronson, which is more than an hour drive from home, I knew it would be worth the drive and it certainly was. The shoulder scope surgery was performed at Bronson Battle Creek and was a great experience, including some pretty fantastic (and fun!) anesthesiologists. As a matter of fact, after the surgery I was given a pain pump and since I had no pain, I did not take any painkillers. After two visits to rehab, I was feeling good and able to get back to lifting weights. If I ever need to continue “my tune-up” I would go back to Dr. Collins. He is awesome!




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