Dr. Burkhardt is the greatest guy there is!

Sharon Miller, Patient

I had always heard that knee replacement surgery was much worse than hip surgery, but I feel just the opposite.

In June 2017, I had Dr. Joe Burkhardt perform robotic-assisted total knee replacement surgery on my left knee. Everything went well. So when I found out I needed knee replacement done on my right knee, I wasn’t nervous about it all. I went back to Dr. Burkhardt and he recommended having robotic-assisted surgery. I agreed and surgery was performed in June 2017. I could not believe how fantastic I felt afterwards! I hardly had any pain at all and only took extra strength Tylenol for the minimal pain that I did have.

Surgery was performed on Monday. I came home the following Wednesday and went to physical therapy starting that Friday (and only for three weeks). I could bend my knee immediately!

Dr. Burkhardt is the greatest guy there is! He’s cute and terrific, and I would recommend him to anyone.

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