Dr. Burkhardt gave me back my life.

Nancy Merrill, Patient

I can only say good things about Bronson Battle Creek. it was just last week august 6th 2014 i had a total hip replacment. From my first visit there for Pre screening and meeting others in the same situation as me it helped to ease my mind some. i didnt even know hospitals offered a class on Hip and Knee surgery wow they go out and beyond. and then the pre screening departments were great to my xray tech was very nice to me. now i am not a hard person to get along with either. But when the final day came of surgery i walked in to surgery waiting and it was long they came and got me and my husband and from there out i was theirs no turning back now. i was more relax then i thought and didnt even ask for a I.V. cocktail so i wouldnt run….lol soon they came and wheeled me to the Big white surgery room and soon after that is was la la land for me. soon i was awake and alert pretty good. i even got to eat some toast wow that was great. the next to my room were there i got to see my husband it was nice i made it i did it. they kept me very painfree but at my choice mostly i didnt want to feel goofy even though some people would debate about that one….LOL but you know those nurses i had and the physical therapy people were awesome they would run and jump i think if you asked them to. they were never understaff so there was always 1 out of the 3 there or even if someone went by your room they would stop and see what i needed. thats awesome most places will pass the buck and let someone else get it. i was just very impressed. its been a week now and i am up pretty good still with my walker but i am moving way faster than i started. Hey guess what else ladies on the 2nd day you can have your hair done that was cool. it was a good experience for me there no regrets. and i had a awesome Dr. Joseph Burkhardt and his Assistant Lori Smith i could go on on. Dr. Burkhardt gave me back my life…Thank You

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