Dr. Bartholomew’s professionalism is out of this world

Emily Metzger, Patient

December 26, 2021, I came to the ER at Bronson Battle Creek in Michigan. Although the ER was rude, I had a life-threatening need and was admitted, having emergency surgery the following day. I had never met Dr. Bartholomew and I was scared out of my mind to be having emergency surgery. Dr. Bartholomew was so kind, supportive and helpful in understanding how sick I was. I had already had about 15 abdominal surgeries, and I was dreading what I thought was going to be another awful experience. I can not say enough about Dr. B, his team, and just the whole experience. The surgery went without a hitch, and I’m two weeks into recovery and you can hardly see the incision line. This man is more talented than anyone else who has ever done surgery on me. His professionalism is out of this world.

Thank you so much Dr. B for helping to keep me alive for my kids and my congregation!