He has helped many people – patients, staff, and others

Daniel S - Steve- O , Employee

I was a CNA at Cheyenne Regional Medical Center from Oct 2006 – Dec 2011, (I played the harmonica for patients).  I was in patient rooms when Dr. Ashutosh Goel took care of patients – before he came to Bronson Healthcare.  I was really impressed with him, the way he could put the patient at ease, and the care he gave.  When I knew that he was coming to see a patient, I would tell the patient what a great doctor he is, and that I don’t see how any doctor could care more for patients (and staff) than Dr. Ash (as we knew him) could.  He came across as a doctor, but a friend also.  I think that CNA’s get to see Doctors working firsthand, and I give him a large ‘A’.  I saw a movie about a dangerous mountain pass in India, and he told me that his dad worked at the end of the pass and that he had been over that pass several times.  Some doctors act like they are ‘above’ CNA’s, but Dr. Ash was genuinely friendly to me.  I know he has helped MANY people – patients, staff, and others.  May God bless Dr. Ash always. Love, Steve-O